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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  August 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:16pm PDT

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we are following at upset they were police are investigating a double homicide. thanks for joining us.>> this happened at 845 tonight on south eighth street in san jose. that's south of downtown. officers say they found two men , both with at least one gunshot wound each. one man died at the scene, the second was taken to the hospital where we have understand he later died. >> the motive is not known at this time. no suspects have been identified, the senator county
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coroner's office not releasing the identities of the victims. and to the families are notified. we have reporter gathering information at the scene and we will try to bring you a live update momentarily. are other big story, police say a wooden alec believed to be a piece of the cross, jesus was crucified on, was stolen thursday afternoon from saint dominic's catholic church. pastors say the church has been burglarized the form for this item dates back over 2000 years and is particularly special to church members. one of the pastors of the church says the relic will not get the thief much money. to us it's priceless. but it's not worth much money in terms of financial worth. you wouldn't get much for it from antique dealer. less than hundred dollars.
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>> there are no security cameras around the altar where the relic was housed in a glass case. people at the church are hoping whoever took the east will ring it back out of the goodness of their heart. breaking news, out of the south bay in san jose, please investigating a double homicide , live now on the scene with details. we are here on the corner of martha and eighth street 2% as a police are investigating the double homicide. there aren't many details at this time but there are many family members gathered out here from what i understand and they are mourning the loss of those two people. two men were found shot, one pronounce dead at the scene and the other transferred to a hospital. there are investigating what motive there might've been for the killing. they don't have
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any suspects in question. that's all the information we know so far. we'll try to scope out the scene to find out if anybody here knows any more. to show you as police investigate what the scene looks like. >> martha and eighth street is closed off.>> you can see the police cruiser right there. looks to be detectives take note on their laptops. a couple of neighbors and family members are still out here. we heard people crying earlier. they may have known some of the victims. unfortunately, that's all the information we have so far. in the meantime, we will keep you updated when we can. >> a kron4 news alert the first to tell you. i able to tell us was this a
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residential neighborhood, are their homes or businesses around here? >> reporter: a few exits away, this is predominantly residential neighborhood. looks to be strictly homes. we might be able to find out from neighbors for the family to see what exactly happened. >> thank you. >> we were the first tell you about the breaking news to a mobile app. we sent a push alert at 950, make sure you download the kron4 news news apps you can always get the latest breaking news. it is free for iphone and android devices. strike teams from across the bay area have been asked to help white the clayton and seven california fires. calls for help sometimes come in the middle of the night. the men specifically trained ready to fight fires were out with many crews today. crews from contra costa county
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just returned from a clayton fire their skills are greatly needed and can be deployed at any time. >> they get the call and maintenance -- and may be gone for weeks. >> these crews can expect to be deployed anytime. in san bernardino the blue cut fire is 85% contained. today firefighter said they are still in the mop up phase. this fire started last tuesday and is now burned over 37,000 acres. 105 homes and 213 structures have been destroyed. 1700 firefighters trying to put this fire out and are still investigating the cause of this fire. a fire them is to dispel threatening one of california's beloved landmarks. historic hearst castle. >> today the castle was closed because of a chimney fire 2 miles away from historic landmarks, likely flames burning in the opposite direction of the castle,
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chimney fire has burned 24,000 acres. it's 35% contained. other top stories, death toll at 51 people after a suicide bombing attack at a wedding in turkey. dozens of the dead were laid to rest today a city cemetery. officials say the bomber was between 12 and 14 years old. this happened yesterday in a city near the syrian border. almost 70 people injured, 17 in critical condition. the bride and groom were also injured but they are expected to survive. officials have found pieces of the detonated suicide vest at the scene they are investigating . isis is believed to be behind the attack but it is not yet claimed responsibility. the red cross is the flooding is nation's worst disasters since superstorm sandy in 2012. some areas are still underwater
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tonight. i never of homes damaged is a 60,000. that is likely to go up. large portions of the state were overcome with heavy rains earlier this month. a large section of a mall parking lot is a donation site for flood victims. president obama told fema to use all resources available to help response and recovery. the president will visit the state on tuesday. coming up, waiting too much cooler temperatures around the bay as kids get ready for back to school. >> we're back with what to expect tomorrow, the complete forecast after the break.
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a final look at the forecast. >> no complaints. will cool it down, more comfortable.
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rain that can help. foreseeing scattered showers and thunderstorms. look at that little off the coastline, trying to have a couple raindrops, not much hidden. in east bay you can see a couple sells sliding through. those could -- quickly fading out. out the door we have clouds moving onshore, well inland overnight. a cloudy start to the day tomorrow. only partial clearing tomorrow. we'll see much cooler air toward the end of the week. the 50s and 60s, the clouds begin together, high-pressure weakening low of the coastline. stronger low to the north. we'll bring in a nice seabreeze. temperatures tomorrow comfortable but below average for this time of year.
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75 degrees in san jose, 71 in hayward. 62 in san francisco. going to see cooler temperatures tomorrow and right back up again tuesday and wednesday, it looks like we'll see much cooler air, temperatures struggling to get near 80 degrees by wednesday. almost completely collapse in the studio. >> i was this close. that would make a good blooper. you never know what will happen. with tissue this video out of arizona, this is a haboob. a big dust storm barreling through phoenix, wind reaches 45 miles an hour. they are worried about more storms that could be there. >> have a great night.
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we'll see you back here tomorrow
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>>: music >>: this is a look behind the scenes of a television station. >>: kron 4 >>: the back story >>: the newscast >>: day 51 >> will: for all those that think that oh! will that was so great, you flew with the blue angels. >> will: i know there not saying. hey! will that's so great. >> will: you're out in the rain and the wind and it's cold. >> will: not one envious person today and i'm sure of that. >> will: they never talked about this in journalism school. >>control room: standby. >> control room: 3, 2, 1... up on the open. >> this is the bay area news station. kron 4 news starts now with breaking news. >>: darya: let's go on along the peninsula where they're getting hit this morning, too and check in with kron 4's will tran. >> will: the rain has certainly picked up since the last time you saw


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